• Personal project | Stories from the Pilothouse

    Right now only three people still live on the Danish island of Hirsholmene. Curious about the island’s history, I listened to the stories of my neighbor Joergen, the retired lighthouse keeper. Starting at 11 in the morning, he would sit in front of his house with a glass of rum. He told me about Rufus, the island’s ghost. During the day we walked in the cemetery, and he had a story for every name on every stone. From tragic romances to starvation. At night I listened to the howling wind and the wild sea. Joergen’s tall tales kept me awake. There was no traffic, no noise, no newspaper, no television news broadcasts. Just the island. The longer I stayed on the island, the more Joergen’s stories inspired me to build and photograph installations I made with what I found while beach combing.