• Personal project | Unstill Life

    Life used to be all about satisfying our primary needs. Nowadays this instinct to survive seems to have evaluated in controling life itself. Indirectly this work is about the human desire of erasing or adjusting his own inner shortcomings and physical signs of degeneration and diseases. I made this series while I was suffering from an autoimmune disease. The more I wanted to control this disease, the worser I got. I found comfort in nature. In my opinion, the inner and psychological part of man grows more and more complex as a result of this increased control over the physical appearance, this in contrast with nature itself being all about the greater context. The urge to control and the way of acquiring seems to be a driver for making choices in daily life. The need for control is embedded in many daily activities and choices. To me, this is a burden, a suppression of true desires. At the same time, I see the desire of mankind to let himself go, to dissolve in relationships or in a bigger perspective. Think about spirituality, religion and erotism. Even the desire to dwell in alcohol or drugs confirms to my idea the suppressed desire and inability to let go of control. This duality fascinates me.