Februari 2015 | About Liesma

We met last summer in Kuldiga, during my second stay as an artist-in-residence in Latvia. Liesma treasures the art of storytelling, and shares personal memories about the stories her mother and grandmother told her, combined with the history of the places where she grew up. With her flashing eyes and melodic voice, she knows how to keep you curious.

Not all of her stories are true. The art of storytelling goes beyond mere facts, and provides a perfect way to plant seeds in the minds of people of all generations, thus keeping this intangible heritage alive. The way in which folk tales can evolve through different interpretations and various cultures fascinates me. 

Liesma is the inspiration for my ongoing photographic series Tales of the Humming Bees. This series is an ongoing study of intangible Latvian cultural heritage. The Russification of Latvia intrigues me, and has led me to further investigate and discover original Latvian culture, as opposed to imported myths and values.
Portrait Liesma


July 2014 | Yay ! – A second A.I.R. stay in Kuldiga

Together with photographer David Creedon I was invited for a second 2-month-stay at the artist in residency in Kuldiga. Working and interacting with the local community and also conducting research in archives, libraries, and by listening to Liesma’s (an amazing local, warmhearted storyteller with such a bright mind…) stories, I continued my own interpretation of the Latvian rituals and folk tales.collage making of)